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Privacy policy and Terms of use

This document outlines how Esydigi DLB processes your personal data as well as the terms of use for Esydigi DLB’s products and services; the website and the ebook ”eBoken Körkort B” and translated versions.

Esydigi DLB may update these terms through amendment of this document.







Esydigi DLB: “we”, “us”, “our”, “esydigi”.

Users of the website or readers of the eBook: “you”, “your”.

Website: “ebokenb.se”, “swedishdrivinglicense.com”.

eBook Category B Driving Licence Sweden: “eBook”, ”the ebook”, ” eBook Driving License B”, “eBook Cat. B Driving Licence”, “eBoken Körkort B”. Which is made available in Apple Books and on Google Play Books.

Partner: Google Play Books

Commissionaire: Apple Distribution International Ltd.




What personal data do we collect and why?

On the website, we collect names and e-mail addresses in the contact form and the feedback form to be able to answer your questions or feedback.

We also collect data about the use of the website for statistics of website traffic. Information such as your approximate geographical location, browser and device is registered to get a general overview of the website’s traffic. This information cannot be linked directly to you.


In the registration form we collect name, the order numbers last five/four digits and order date to be able to verify your purchase with Apple and Google to pay the correct driving school their share.


Further collection and processing of personal data may take place in other ways if the purpose relates to the processing of personal data for legitimate interests, for example in the event of suspicion of infringement or infringement of our copyright.


Person responsible for personal data: Esydigi DLB (Private Company registered in Sweden), Gunn Wållgrens Gata 9, 41249 Gothenburg.

Contact: kontakt @ ebokenb.se





We will never ask for your account information and codes or the like. Do you think that you have been the victim of an attempted fraud in our name, please contact us by e-mail for informational purposes so that we can warn others. Report fraud and attempted fraud to the police.


The eBook is only made available as an ePub file for preview and purchase in the Play Books app on the Play Store and App Store, and in the app Apple Books which is available on App Store.


Other alleged ways to download the ebook, such as PDF, are illegal and infringe copyright. These illegal sites may be fraudulent attempts against you. The file that these sites want you to download may contain malicious code that steals your personal information about credit cards, codes or the like.





We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.




How long is your data retained?

When you send information in forms on the website, or e-mail, this information is only stored for as long as is necessary for the purpose, the contact with you in your specific case, then they are deleted.

The feedback you give us via the feedback form on the website or e-mail may be published, your name will not be published without a written approval. The feedback can be saved for archiving with the aim of improving the product, your personal data will be deleted if you have not explicitly given your consent in your feedback that we may, for example, publish your feedback with your name and for example where and for how long.

The information you provide in the registration form is saved for archiving according to the Swedish Accounting Act for 7 years.




How do we protect your data?

We do not disclose your data to third parties, unless a crime has been committed or there are suspicions, in which case relevant information about personal data may be provided to the appropriate authority. We take the necessary measures in proportion to the information we process so that unauthorized persons can not access our information about you, encrypted connections are used, among other things.




Terms:  The website

The sole purpose of the website is to give you information about the eBook and where you can buy it and publish other relevant content such as guides. The content on the website and in the eBook is protected under copyright law and trademark protection.


You can provide a link to the website and product pages on Apple Books and Google Play Books.




Content of the ebook

The content meets the requirements placed on you in a driving test (theory and driving). The content can not replace courses that you have to take, such as risk course 1 and 2. The content can also not replace the practical exercise you need in the car with your supervisor or teacher, how much exercise is needed is individual. You must take personal responsibility for learning what you need theoretically and practically to get the skills you need to pass courses and exams.


The eBook Driving License B is not available as an audiobook.





Esydigi DLB makes no warranties and assumes no responsibility for the consequences of your actions in accordance with the advice in the eBook. The legal responsibility for your practice driving lies with your supervisor or teacher. Once you have received your driving license, the legal responsibility lies with yourself.




Links in the ebook

We are not responsible for the content of linked websites in the eBook, the links are only tips where you can read more to get a deeper understanding.





Esydigi DLB has partnered with Google Play Books. The Partner Agreement allows Google to market, protect, set price, sell and provide the Ebook Driver’s License B as well as handle all payments, any complaints and repurchases. Google privacy policy and terms for the services /products concerned apply when you use Google services/products.





Esydigi DLB has designated Apple Distribution International Ltd. its distributor for the eBook. This allows Apple to market, protect, set price, sell and provide the eBook as well as handle all payments, any complaints and repurchases. Apple privacy policy and terms for the services /products concerned apply when you use Apple services/products.




Availability – Apple Books

The eBook is available for preview, reading and purchases in the Apple Books app on the App Store.

Format:___________ E-book (ePub),

DRM protection:____ YES (You cannot copy the file to move to another device. You can only read on your Apple products where you logged in with your Apple ID that made the purchase.)

Tied to platform:____ Apple Books


Apple may restrict access to you if, for example, you are logged in on too many devices at one time.

For more information, visit the Apple Help Center and the eBook sales page.




Availability – Play Books

The E-book is available for preview and reading in the Google Play Books app (iOS and Android) and for purchases for the app (Play Books) on the Google Play website.

Format:___________ E-book (ePub),

Copy paste:________ 20% (only for own, private use after purchase in accordance with copyright law)

DRM protection:____ YES (You cannot download any file to print content, for example, after purchase you can copy and paste 20% of the eBook to another document that you can print for your own, private use in accordance with Copyright Act.)

Tied to platform:____ Google Play web and the Google Play Books app via your Google account


Google may restrict access to you if, for example, you are logged in on too many devices at one time.

For more information, visit the Google Help Center and the eBook sales page:






Managed by Apple and Google.


GOOGLE PLAY – TERMS UK: https://play.google.com/intl/en_uk/about/play-terms/


APPLE – TERMS UK: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/uk/terms.html




Complaints and repurchases

Managed by Apple and Google.


APPLE: ”Exception to the right of cancellation: You cannot cancel your order for the supply of Content if the delivery has started upon your request and acknowledgement that you thereby lose your cancellation right.”


GOOGLE: ”However when you make a purchase of digital content on Google Play you agree that the digital content will be available to you immediately, and you acknowledge that as a result you waive your automatic statutory right of withdrawal. In the case of pre-orders, you waive your automatic statutory right of withdrawal after the moment when the Product becomes available to you.”




Other information

For questions about this document, you can contact us via email: kontakt @ ebokenb.se


To find out more about the General Data Protection Regulation, visit the Swedish Data Protection Authority website.


If there is any conflict between the english and swedish version of this document the swedish version text shall prevail.




There are various websites, books and applications where you can study driving license theory, none of these have the rights to, for example, write that their material contains “the entire eBook Driving License B”.

If you see or know of any suspected infringement of our copyright, please report this to us:

kontakt @ ebokenb.se

Layout, design, presentation, cover and content in the eBook Driving license B is in its entirety, also parts of, unique and copyright protected according to Swedish law (SFS 1960: 729), applying international laws and trademark protection.


• Google Play, the Google Play logo, Chrome and Android are trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

• The Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc. Apple Books is a service mark of Apple Inc.